Release notes

Grunt 2020.10

February 25, 2020

What's new

  • Toggle Visual Insertion: You can now choose between two insertion modes for grunts – either directly, or with Visual Insertion. The toggle is available under Quick Settings in the Grunt tab. Try them out and see what you prefer!
  • Tags in Charts: We enabled tagging in charts, so you can now name certain portions of your chart and target it with modifiers.
  • Clickable data connections: You can now jump from grunt to grunt by opening the Data Connections dialog from the Grunt tab. Clicking on one of the items listed below a connection will take you to that particular grunt.
  • Remove unused data connections: We now automatically remove data connections when the last grunt that uses it is removed – this way your list of data connections don't grow out of hand.
  • Stability improvements: We made some headway in reducing the amount of memory Grunt uses, which should make the overall experience smoother.

Bug fixes

  • We solved an issue where Grunt Tools users sometimes could not delete many native shapes at the same time.
  • We fixed a bug that would give a presentation unsaved changes after you open it.
  • We solved an issue that prevented some users from turning on/off style import from Excel.
  • We fixed a bug that prevented some users on non-English versions of Office from pasting as a Grunt directly from Excel.