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Quick iterations. Great results.

Take charge.
Stay ahead.

Draft your project plan in minutes. Adjust quickly. Our Gantt charts makes you look your best.
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“I started using Grunt a few weeks ago, and it has already cut the time I use to create slides in half. So there is clearly a lot of value in this for me!”
PwC, Senior consultant
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Edit your timeline directly on your slide

In other Gantt charts you edit your timeline in a separate UI. 
Grunt lets you to work directly on your slide. It’s both quick and easy.

Click to insert items

Drag to reposition items

Select and style items directly

Drag date axis to adjust date range

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Choose your style

Do you prefer a modern, professional or classic look? Maybe it depends on your project? Quickly explore styles to see which one fits your case the best.
Sub tasks and main tasks Simplistic style Two simple work streams

Full control over your date axis

You deserve a flexible date axis with multi-level support. Choose what to display and how to separate your chart.

Gantt menu with flexible controls

Gantt charts with visual rules applied

Smarter formatting with Visual Rules

Instruct Grunt to keep an eye on your formatting with a Visual Rule. It saves you time and guarantees a perfect result.


Easy to use.
Yet powerful!

Experience Gantt charts that are designed from the ground up to be efficient and easy to use.

Abstract and colorful Gantt chart

Work smarter.

Spend your time where it matters and leave repetitive tasks to Grunt.

Enhance quality.

Enjoy a better starting point and a quality focused team-mate.

Reduce stress.

Last-minute changes are no problem when updates are instant and frequent.

Ready to get started?

You can start a free trial instantly and produce awesome slides in no time. You can also contact us to set up a tailored demo for your business.

Watch Grunt in action

Learn how Grunt gives you superpowers in our tutorials.
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Get inspired by templates

Grunt comes with hundreds of useful templates to get you started.