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No compromises!

Grunt on Mac works exactly like Windows!

Enjoy the complete Grunt experience on your Mac – just as our loyal Windows users do. We know you have the same high standards, so we haven’t sacrificed any functionality. The interface remains identical with all features available, and you can effortlessly collaborate across platforms.
Mac Exploding Charts

Full Windows Experience

Grunt for Mac provides:

  • Access to all Grunt features
  • Complete PowerPoint integration
  • Collaboration with Windows users
  • Cross platform licenses
  • High performance and stability
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Everything you need to make great slides

Early bird offer for Mac
Early bird special offer
Buy Grunt now and get three extra months!

Cross platform collaboration

Do you need to collaborate across Windows and Mac? We've got you covered. It wasn't easy, but we did it because it matters.

Grunt for Mac is built on the exact same code that runs on Windows. You get all the benefits – and all the updates.

Your license even works on both systems if you have a different setup at work and at home.


Trusted by consultants

Quality-aware consultants use Grunt to create their business charts. As a result, they deliver greater impact in less time.
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“This is a fantastic tool and it's saving us so much time. The potential in this technology is huge!”
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Grunt integrates deeply into PowerPoint

Transform your slides with Grunt! Workflow is improved, and mistakes never happen.
Grunt Tab In PowerPoint with Tags

Grunt integrates deeply into PowerPoint

Everything you need

All charts included

Grunt supports all regular business charts. This even includes several chart types that are not found in Excel and PowerPoint.

Waterfall chart (vertical) Stacked waterfall chart Stacked column chart Clustered column chart Mekko (alt. Marimekko) charts Bubble and Scatter chart Stacked area chart Line chart Index chart Pie and Donut charts Stacked bar chart Clustered bar chart Stacked bar 100% chart Stacked column 100% chart Stacked waterfall chart (horizontal)

Brand awareness

built in

Grunt charts automatically adapts to your color scheme. We can also help you customize defaults.

Chart feature
PowerPoint and Excel linked together with Grunt

Industry leading Excel connection

Did you know? The most common mistakes in Microsoft Office are copy-paste errors from Excel to PowerPoint.

Trust Grunt’s data connection instead. Your workload is reduced and mistakes never happen.

Visual Grid formatting

Smarter formatting with Visual Rules

Instruct Grunt to keep an eye on your formatting with a Visual Rule. It saves you time and guarantees a perfect result.

Makes you look better

Grunt is your PowerPoint team-mate that puts you in the spotlight and helps you shine.
A composition of different Grunt features

Work smarter.

Spend your time where it matters and leave repetitive tasks to Grunt.

Enhance quality.

Enjoy a better starting point and a quality focused team-mate.

Reduce stress.

Last-minute changes are no problem when updates are instant and frequent.

Ready to get started?

You can start a free trial instantly and produce awesome slides in no time. You can also contact us to set up a tailored demo for your business.

Watch Grunt in action

Learn how Grunt gives you superpowers in our tutorials.
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Get inspired by templates

Grunt comes with hundreds of useful templates to get you started.