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Quality-aware professionals use Grunt to create their business charts. As a result, they deliver greater impact in less time.
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“This is a fantastic tool and it's saving us so much time. The potential in this technology is huge!”
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Smartness built-in

Insights at your fingertips

Add visual flair or highlights in seconds with our easy to use auxiliaries. Drag and drop interaction with automatic recalculation.

Chart with CAGR Chart with value jumps Chart with level difference indicator Chart with value line

Brand awareness built in

Grunt charts automatically adapts to your color scheme. We can also help you customize defaults.

Grunt charts with different colors

PowerPoint and Excel linked together with Grunt

Industry leading Excel connection

Did you know? The most common mistakes in Microsoft Office are copy-paste errors from Excel to PowerPoint.

Trust Grunt’s data connection instead. Your workload is reduced and mistakes never happen.

Grunt charts with visual rules applied

Smarter formatting with Visual Rules

Instruct Grunt to keep an eye on your formatting with a Visual Rule. It saves you time and guarantees a perfect result.

Everything you need

All charts included

Grunt supports all regular business charts. This even includes several chart types that are not found in Excel and PowerPoint.

Waterfall chart (vertical) Stacked waterfall chart Stacked column chart Clustered column chart Mekko (alt. Marimekko) charts Bubble and Scatter chart Stacked area chart Line chart Index chart Pie and Donut charts Stacked bar chart Clustered bar chart Stacked bar 100% chart Stacked column 100% chart Stacked waterfall chart (horizontal)
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Learn from presentation experts

Memorable charts: How to present your business insights

At Grunt we’ve spent the last years building charting tools for PowerPoint. Fair to say, we've seen a lot of charts: some great, a lot of pretty bad ones. We'll share what we've learned about business charting in this 30-minute webinar.

Charting, PowerPoint
30 minutes

Secret of Consultants: 11 tips to build the perfect PowerPoint

We sum up what all professionals need to know when creating PowerPoint presentations. We take you through the full checklist – from how to structure, write and visualize your presentation. All in just 30 minutes!

Perfect slides, PowerPoint
30 minutes

Key learnings from working with 100 Quarterly Reports

At Grunt we’re dedicated to making great financial reports. Over the last years we’ve made a lot of them. We’ll share our learnings and best tips in this 30-minutes webinar.

Business reporting, PowerPoint
30 minutes

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You can start a free trial instantly and produce awesome slides in no time. You can also contact us to set up a tailored demo for your business.

Watch Grunt in action

Learn how Grunt gives you superpowers in our tutorials.
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Get inspired by templates

Grunt comes with hundreds of useful templates to get you started.