Referral Program

Get 3 months of FREE Grunt usage

for both you and the team you refer.

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Who is eligible?

Our referral program is available to all existing customers who completed the onboarding process.

If you weren't able to finish onboarding yet - upon completion, you will receive an email containing instructions about the referral program.
For further details on eligibility, please see our Terms and Conditions.
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That’s great! How do I refer?

Send an e-mail to with the person or company you are referring copied in on the e-mail. If they decide to sign up for an annual contract, you’ll get a coupon that extends your current subscription period by 3 months for FREE. The person you refer Grunt to will also get a 3-month discount on their first license purchase. This is a win-win situation for you both!
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What's in it for you?

Imagine you bring in a team of 10 users from Acme Corp. Each of them will enjoy 3 additional months (totaling 15 months instead of 12). And guess what? You'll receive a special coupon worth a whopping 30 months! You can apply this coupon to your team's upcoming renewal.
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When will I get my reward?
Is the referral program available in all countries?
Who can participate in the referral program?
My company pays for my license. What’s in it for me, personally?
Can I receive a discount exceeding the total price of my subscription?
I bought a Grunt via a third-party software reseller; am I eligible?
Where can I find the terms and conditions for the referral program?

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