Experience PowerPoint with superpowers!

Grunt gives PowerPoint powerful new capabilities. You can spend your time on impactful work, while Grunt resolves data consistency and formatting. Together with Grunt, you will be able to do more, with higher quality — in less time

Qualities you will love!

With the most delightful presentation software, Grunt gives you the tools to improve every day.

Superior data integration

Create your presentations directly from your data. Grunt simply keeps your slides in a consistent state at all times.

Beautiful visualizations made simple

Choose from hundreds of dynamic visualizations such as charts, shapes, gauges and icons. Let Grunt guide you towards a better visual expression.

Greater impact. Less work.

Experience time-saving tools in all parts of your workflow — empowering you to deal with more important tasks.

Separating content & design

Are you tired of redoing previous work just because you got new data? Learn how our innovative approach solves reusability.

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Greater impact. Less work.

Grunt improves the way you work with PowerPoint and let you focus on the things that matter. Our users keep impressing us with the way they utilize Grunt to work smarter. Help us figure out its potential.