Using modifier targets

This article explains the user interface for changing modifier targets. If you want to understand how targets work and how you can use them more effectively, we advise you to read the in depth article.

How can I choose targets when I add a modifier?

To choose an initial target, you simply ensure that the parts you want to change are selected when you add the modifier.

Example: if you want to change the background color of some cells, you start by selecting these cells. What you effectively do is to inform Grunt about what you want to modify, and Grunt will use your selections to identify the most likely target for your use case.

Internally, Grunt uses a complex heuristic to guess which target(s) you want to modify, and Grunt will automatically add these target(s) to the modifier. This usually works quite well, but you will always be able to change the target(s) later if Grunt mispredicts your intentions.

What if I want to change the targets manually?

To change a modifier, you open the modifier settings dialog. This will automatically open whenever you add a new modifier. If you want to change targets of an existing modifier, you can open the modifier settings dialog for that modifier by selecting the modifier in the modifier stack.

Remember: The modifier stack is only visible whenever a Grunt object is currently selected.

Throughout this section, we will refer back to the following Fill alternating modifier settings dialog:

The targets area of the modifier settings dialog is the bottom-most half with a grey background. This is the three rows at the bottom of the dialog seen in the image.

  • The target kind is the first part of targets. This is the blue “Cells” and “Graphics” button(s) seen in the image.
  • The inclusion list is the second part of targets. This is the grey “Column 2” and “Column 5” buttons in the image.
  • Finally, the exclusion list is the third and last part of targets. This is the grey “Positive values” button in the image.

Changing the target kind

To change the target kind, simply left click with your mouse on the target kind you want the modifier to apply to. The blue target kind buttons are toggle buttons, so when you left click on one of the buttons it will become selected, while the previously selected item will become deselected. This is because you will usually only use one target kind at the time. However, if you really want to apply the modifier to multiple target kinds, you can hold down the Shift key on your keyboard while you click the target kind button. This will ensure that the previously selected item will not become deselected.

Changing the inclusion list and the exclusion list

The interaction of the inclusion list and the exclusion list behaves the same way, so the following explanation applies to both of them.

To add a new item to the list, press the green “Add” button. A QuickFind window will appear where you can select the new target to add. We refer you to the quick-find article linked above for efficient use of the QuickFind window.

To remove an item from the list, click on the [X] on the right side of the button for the item.

To change settings for an item, click on the left part of the button for the item (i.e. where the name is). This will take you to a settings window for that item, where you can specify custom behavior depending on the item type.

Last updated: January 15, 2019 18:57