Release notes

Grunt 2021.134

May 12, 2021

What's new

  • Excel connection overhaul: We've completely rebuilt how Grunt reads from Excel, making it faster, more reliable and more robust. We've also improved the user interfaces - it will now be clearer to you what's going with your data connections at any given time.
  • Logo rule: We've added a brand new rule - the Logo rule! When added, this automatically searches the cloud for high quality company logos based on your data and brings them directly into your Grunt. For now, the rule can only be added to Visual Grids.
  • Superscript & subscript: A highly requested feature - you can now format text as superscript or subscript in Visual Grids. Double-click on a cell and enter cell-edit mode to start using it.

Other new features

  • You can now check for new data with hotkeys. Use F9 to check selected objects or slides. Press CTRL + F9 to check all objects.
  • The process of changing ranges for single objects has been simplified. We've removed the "Apply" step completely - changes now occur immediately.
  • We've changed the icon for "New data available" to make it a bit friendlier

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where multiple headers and footers would sort internally when sorting in Visual Grids
  • Increased robustness in reading different OneDrive / Sharepoint library formats