Release notes

Grunt 2021.123

April 28, 2021

What's new

  • Hide and unhide series: You can now both hide and unhide columns, rows and chart series directly through the data editor - right click columns and rows to find it!
  • Chart series selection: Greatly improved series selection in Charts using Ctrl+Click, allowing you to select many series of parts of series and change their settings
  • Mouse cursors: New mouse cursors when interacting with Charts and the Visual Grid, making it easier to see where you can interact
  • Context menus: Greatly improved look & feel with both new and updated design

Other new features

  • We have made it possible to autofit columns and rows by double-clicking the dividers between them in the Visual Grid and data editor
  • You can now also insert rows and columns after your selections in the Visual Grid and data editor
  • We have harmonized dimension autofit functionality between the Visual Grid and the data editor
  • We've updated the default pie/donut position

Bug fixes

  • Series labels for series on the secondary axis in line charts will now show up with the correct label
  • We've fixed an issue where the Flag map rule was not mapping correctly due to text capitalization
  • An issue with missing auxiliary interaction points in the Visual Grid is now fixed
  • We fixed a bug that made the origo line disappear when a chart only contained negative values
  • A bug where Harvey ball, Gauge and Rating rules would not display data correctly has been fixed
  • Several performance improvements for chart rendering and data reading