Release notes

Grunt 2020.98

September 2, 2020

What's new

Today's release covers several areas of Grunt:

  • 50% faster data reading: We've worked hard to make data updates from Excel faster, and have managed to shave off about 50% of the time it takes to update data from your Excel files!
  • Calculations everywhere: We now support CAGRs, Value Jumps and Average Lines in all kinds of charts, including Waterfall.
  • New Template gallery: We created an entirely new Template gallery. It's easier to work with, more accurate in terms of what you get when you insert, and will make it much easier for us to introduce new features - more to come!

Other new features

  • You can now choose the calculation method for Value Jumps - either Percent or Value
  • Fixed a bunch of problems using PowerPoint's placeholders when inserting Grunts
  • You can now press Esc to close floater menus in charts
  • Axis breaks! Left click a chart axis and click the Break icon to insert an axis break
  • We improved label colors in Gauges, where we would in certain cases calculate the wrong automatic color

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug where the slide index listed for each data connection would sometimes be wrong
  • We solved a problem that would sometimes make the Empty Cells target not work