Release notes

Grunt 2020.52

June 12, 2020

What's new

This release is mostly focused on bug fixes, performance improvements and tweaks to Grunt's user interface

  • Performance: We found a way to significantly speed up Grunt's user interface, especially for Visual Grids
  • Bug fixes: We fixed several bugs that affected Grunt's stability


  • The axis will now reset to automatic when you change value types - e.g. from numbers to percent
  • We improved the algorithm that automatically calculates the distance between ticks on the chart y-axis
  • We improved the placement of chart categories so that you can now have empty categories

Bug fixes

  • We found and worked around a bug where you sometimes couldn't open the data editor for PowerPoint's native charts. We have reported this bug to Microsoft, but at least it will not fail when you have Grunt installed.
  • We fixed a rare bug where Grunt simply wouldn't load