Release notes

Grunt 2019.40

November 6, 2019

What's new:

  • A lot is going on under the hood at the moment. We're hard at work with Grunt Charts, and we're also working on stability and performance.
  • A big thing we've been working on in the last weeks is auto-recovery and sharing. Our number one priority is that your work never gets lost. However, we recovered a bit too much last time, meaning that sometimes Grunts would re-appear at seemingly random places after a recovery. This could also happen when teams were sending slides back and forth. We now have a new strategy in place that we think works a lot better.
  • We added more templates – take a look and get inspired!

Bug fixes:

  • We're working on fixing a bug that yields strange behavior when you move or resize rotated shapes using Smart Selection. The fix is still in beta; thus, it is disabled by default. You can enable it by going to the Grunt tab > Settings > Preferences. We hope to deal with the remaining parts and turn on the fix soon.
  • We fixed some "flickering" that sometimes appeared when you resized columns and rows.